Final Three Classrooms Under Construction

We did it! As a community, we came together in 2015 and supported (whether financially or in spirit) the construction of an entire campus at BiZoHa Humanist Orphanage and Primary School.  What a wonderful accomplishment!

Bwambale Robert Musubaho has been a busy man, turning in an unfaltering and outstanding job of managing the construction project, the hiring, the farm, the sponsorships and arrival of the orphans to the hostel in September. He posts updates with lots of construction photos several times each week to the facebook page, showing great stewardship of the funds that have been so generously shared by you, our enthusiastic supporters.

This week, the final three classrooms constructions are underway. Our grateful thanks go out to these latest construction sponsors:

Dr. Bruce Chou Classroom #2 is sponsored by Dr. Bruce Chou, who was also our very first classroom sponsor. Dr. Chou, an anesthesiologist from California, demonstrated great faith in the project and the people behind it when the first classroom was constructed back in May, and we were delighted when he again offered funding for one of our final classrooms this month.

The Pegasystems Classroom is sponsored by Pegasystems, Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, MA and the leading provider of business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions. We are pleased, proud and grateful to have this STEM company sponsoring a classroom at BiZoHa.

The final classroom sponsorship comes from Davida LeComte of Montreal, Canada. She has been a generous supporter and sponsor throughout the year, and we were excited to hear from her this week and welcomed her significant donation of a classroom and some additional funds for desks and other needs. Her classroom building will be completed in January, in plenty of time to meet the next term of school starting on February 22.  

When the children return we will have the Hostel, 10 Classrooms, a Kitchen, a Clinic, and a Roadside Stand. We are still looking for sponsors for 25 day scholars (tuition and a meal each day for needy children who live in the community), and some other wishlist items which you'll find on our Donate page. Please keep us in mind for your holiday giving. Thank you!